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Discover all the Startups that have taken part in the Fourth Edition of BIND 4.0

Join the Virtual Expo Area on the Demo Day to connect with BIND 4.0 4th Edition Startups and the Industry Leading Corporate Partners they worked with. Hear their success stories first hand from collaborating on cutting edge Industry 4.0 projects and learn about the present and future of Industry 4.0

Corporations, Young Companies, Investors and Entrepreneurs see what technologies the Advanced Manufacturing, Smart Energy, Food Tech and Health Tech sectors are implementing, plus why these projects got the most traction with our 52 Corporate Partners.

**Best Startup Project: The Startup Project virtually presented by each Startup and the Corporate Partner they worked with, can be voted upon by the public. The one that receives the highest number of votes will subsequently receive special recognition.

Voting will remain open 3-10 July 2020. Winner will be announced: 14 July.

Get ready for your online visit on 3 July by taking a look at the 4th Edition Startup Catalogue and seeing the solutions that will revolutionize your future.

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3D Click

The 3D platform to prototype, customize & validate packaging designs

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Early diagnose and monitor disease through speech analysis

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AddiFab integrates 3D-Print injection molding to transform production

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Alias Robotics

Alias Robotics is a robot cybersecurity company

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Alternative Energy Innovations

Batteryless IoT. Less digitalization cost for sustainable Industries

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Sustainable Water Management. We help achieve SDG6

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Barbara IoT

IoT for secure dispatch of floor and equipment data to Internet

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Binary Soul

High added value software solutions for industrial environments

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Human-centered software solution for process automation and safety

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BYTEK Smart Solutions

BYTEK design and create devices and ecosystems to save lives

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D&A Innovative Systems

Sensors, dataloggers and AI services for machine digitalization

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Data Value Management

Technological startup specialized in data analytics

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Indoor comfort and energy management improvements with high savings

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Enerlogix Systems

Optimizing energy systems with thermodynamics, AI and expert controls

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SaaS to create actionable data science analysis

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Machine Vision solutions for Industry. High accuracy metrology.

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An AI solution provider for Quality 4.0 projects

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The geolocation-based cybersecurity company

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Kevo Technologies

Cognitive AI applications using voice and text, Digital Transformation

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Partners of industrial manufacturers to optimise their operations

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Mobile Lean

We are specialized in the development of mobile digital solutions

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Myruns Smart Control

Traceability solutions based on RFID Technology

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Solving the plastic waste problem with nanotechnology solutions

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NeuroDigital Technologies

Haptic Gloves for enabling the sense of touch in training for VR/AR/MR

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Innovative Computer Vision: faster, cheaper and more accurate.

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Nexmachina Solutions

Specialists in IoT for digital transformation

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Nordbo Robotics

We develop robot software and accessories for advanced applications

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Company specialized on providing computer vision solutions to industry

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Nucaps Nanotechnology

Nanocapsules of Food Proteins. Nanotechnology for nutrition and health

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VR wellbeing and cognitive simulation for the elderly

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OSANE Consulting

Corporate security consulting services company with holistic vision

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Smart Imaging Solutions for Industry 4.0

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Sensing Tex

We provide cutting-edge e-textiles to e-health all around the world, Smart Imaging Solutions for Industry 4.0

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AI & Text Analytics

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Software boutique. Experts in software and data analytics

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A tech innovator which aims to revolutionize security & quality check

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