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Cybersecurity, Internet of Things
Advanced Manufacturing, Smart Energy
“IoT for secure dispatch of floor and equipment data to Internet”

Barbara is IoT software designed to overcome the main challenges of the Digital Transformation: FRAGMENTATION, SCALABILITY, and SECURITY, it runs on IoT gateways and edge devices. It’s capable of integrating with legacy industrial devices (e.g. PLCs, Meters, Inverters…) and with IoT modern sensors, using both industrial and IT protocols.

Barbara is focused on the B2B market, the target customers are companies that want to create and provide digitization services (either to end customers or internally to their own businesses) and need a secure and easy way to digitize data from different sources. Barbara is a service enabler. Main customers: DIA, EDP, SOLARIG

About the company

  • Headquarters: Madrid and Bilbao, Spain
  • Founded: 2016
  • Founders: Isidro Nistal and David Purón
  • No. of Employees: 10

Contact details

3rd July 2020, 12:00

Program Designed and Developed by:
Technological Collaborators:
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Barbara IoT

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