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“The 3D platform to prototype, customize & validate packaging designs”

3D CLICK is the meeting point for the packaging ecosystem.
The smart prototyping, customization and validation platform for the packaging players through easy, visual and collaborative 3D technologies.

We help the packaging ecosystem (packaging suppliers & distributors, FMCG brands and design agencies) to work efficiently together moving:

  • towards digital & virtual prototyping away from slow analogue and physical prototyping processes,
  • from sequential & analogue validation to easy and real-time validation processes
  • and, from isolated know-how to collaborative know-how.

Thanks to the 3D CLICK online platform, the packaging key players work sustainably, reducing costs, speeding up the time to market, ensuring the product/ market fit & the product/ environment fit since the early stages of the design process.

Project: 3D Click & Natra

We offer SAAS solutions + 3D Modelling & Support Services for the packaging ecosystem:

For Brands: 3D Database/Content Management System + 3D Collaborative & Validation tool + 3D Packshots & Animation tool + Packfinder in 3D
For Designers: 3D Pack Customization tool + 3D Packshots tool
For Pack Suppliers: 3D Interactives Catalogues Creator + 3D Pack Finder + 3D Web Pack Configurator

All the players of the packaging ecosystem: from packaging suppliers to designers and agencies, including retail brands and marketers. Thanks to the “democratization” of 3D, the entire packaging design value chain can work around a 360° package collaboratively and sustainably.

About the company

  • Headquarters: Granollers, Spain
  • Founded: 2016
  • Founders: Débora Alasraki, Javier Rial and Luis Cordeiro
  • No. of Employees: 12

Contact details

3rd July 2020, 12:00

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3D Click

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