The Best of BIND 4.0

Virtual Demo Day 2020

3rd July


Open INnovation + INfluencers + INdustry 4.0 Startups

This premier online event celebrates and showcases Industry 4.0 Projects in leading Worldwide Corporations and brings you the best practices for a Corporate-Startup Collaboration. You don’t want to miss it!

Corporations, Young Companies and Investors alike will benefit from the inside access to current Industry 4.0 solutions being implemented and from the insight of top level experts. This is the Best of BIND 4.0.

Streaming Session

  • Keynote speech from renowned Entrepreneur and Investor Martin Varsavsky, regarding overcoming the challenges of the new normality and the keys to collaboration.
  • Roundtable discussion for a A-level INsider INsight from our Corporate Partners at Coca Cola European Partners, Unilever and Mercedes Benz, plus first hand experience from a Basque Government Representative and BIND 4.0 Startup Alumni.
  • BIND 4.0 news and opportunities

Virtual Expo Area

  • The best place to connect with the technologies that are currently being implemented in the marketplace. Discover the Startup pitches and learn how they collaborated on Industry 4.0 Projects alongside the Corporate Partners, in an easy to access video format.

WHO? INdustry INsiders, INfluencers, INvestors

This exciting event allows Industrial Companies, Entrepreneurs, Industry Investors and Technology Experts to: 

  • Learn Key Aspects for successful Startup-Corporation Collaborations first hand from all the parties involved: Young Companies, Investors, Government Representatives and Corporations
  • Interact with the BIND 4.0 Startups to see their client-validated solutions and which Industry 4.0 Projects were implemented by our 52 Corporate Partners
  • Gain Insight into creating impact in the marketplace while navigating the challenges of the ‘new normal’
  • Get Connected to BIND 4.0 Community, with the goal of generating synergy between the main players in the technological and industrial sectors

WHY? INsight, INnovation, INvestments

Watch Startups from the 4th edition pitch their cutting edge solutions alongside our Corporate Partners, key industry insiders who’ve contracted them, adding their personal recommendations for why you should Join IN the 5th Edition of BIND 4.0 which begins 3 July 2020. 

This event is for YOU if you are: A company looking to expand your knowledge and potentially contract startups with the latest technology, an industry investor looking for the hottest solutions backed by Corporate customers, or a young Startup focused on providing cutting edge solutions for AI, Cybersecurity, Machine Vision, Robotics, Big Data Analytics, Augmented / Virtual Reality, IoT, Additive Manufacturing, and other leading edge technologies. BIND 4.0 is the key to connecting the key players and the best solutions in a free, government sponsored program.

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